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18-36 months

Establishing a daily routine creates comfort and security for your toddler. At this active age, our environment supports what toddlers do best: explore and learn through play, trial and error, repetition, and imitation. As your child shows an interest in potty training in these rooms, teachers and parents work together to create a plan that will be consistent both at home and at the center.

Throughout the daily schedule, the teachers plan activities that will develop fine and gross motor skills, incorporate language arts, math, science, art and music every day. Children will continue to have the opportunity for indoor play in the playroom and outdoor play on age specific equipment. The toddler teachers also find many teachable moments throughout the day to foster the child’s natural budding desire for independence and to help guide verbal skills that teach the toddlers how to express their thoughts and feelings. Through intentional play and activities, the children learn to navigate the social environment. As with each classroom, the lesson plans are developed to be specifically age appropriate, teaching them exciting new ideas while preparing them for our preschool program.