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Our Staff

To ensure that children will be loved, cared for and well educated, we uphold the highest of standards for our employees. Our staff view their positions at Thrive Childcare as more than “just a job.”  They also view it as an opportunity to make an investment and a difference for the Kingdom of God. Whether they work directly with the children in the classroom, or work in the kitchen or office, or by cleaning and maintaining the building, our staff are dedicated to making an impact in the lives of the children we serve.

All of our staff members serve as loving guides and models to the children in the process of learning through building relationships. They strive to prepare the children with the skills, abilities, and motivation that will help them to understand, appreciate and live a Christian life in this world in which God has placed them.

In the classroom, our teachers set the tone for the learning process by providing structured and unstructured activities, indoor and outdoor events, daily routines, and teachable moments. They provide an environment that is safe and inviting, while balancing rest and activity. We believe that God has created each child special and unique. Our goal is to create and/or develop that uniqueness by encouraging children to express themselves through play, art, song and dance, and many other exciting activities.