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Kindergarten (Perrysburg location)

Kindergarten is focused on getting the students prepared for life by becoming readers, writers and thinkers. The individual attention given to your child in our smaller sized class will help set the foundation for a successful academic career. The students develop skills in reading, writing, mathematics, science, and social studies, as well as join in activities which further develop large motor skills, social awareness and community interests.

By the end of the year your child should be counting to 100, sorting and classifying objects by more than one attribute, be able to create and read a graph, as well as add and subtract single digit numbers. The student will demonstrate letter sound correspondence by using invented spelling in order to write and read back their own words, as well as sounding out words.

Before and After School Care

The before and after school program is designed to meet the needs of families who need care for their school-age child. This fun, safe environment provides structure while allowing the children to play, socialize and relax before and after school. Transportation is provided by either the local school district or by Thrive Childcare’s bus. When the local school is closed due to weather or holidays, the center provides full day care. Care is also provided for delays at no additional cost.

Summer Camp – Camp Thrive

Camp Thrive provides a program that balances fun, interactive activities with strong relationships that build individual character and great memories. We create an environment where relationships are developed and the love of Jesus is not only taught, but also demonstrated. The children go on various field trips throughout the summer that give them fun, unique experiences. The children also engage in onsite activities that engage, encourage and inspire them.

Our camp counselors are the core of our summer program. They are positive role models and have a great appreciation for children. The counselors look forward to sharing their faith, skills and talents with the children each summer.