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Preschool (3-4 years)

Our preschool program is an important, fun, transitional time for your child. At this point, they have a great foundation of the basics, are potty trained, can follow instructions, and are incredibly curious.

This is the class where we begin to introduce a more structured daily schedule, full of new songs, books, calendar, weather and more. The children learn about these concepts in an exciting and repetitive way. They will continue to identify letters and numbers, count objects individually, as well as dive into the world of phonics.

In groups and on their own, they will practice pairing sounds and words to the correct letter, work on constructing full sentences, and begin tracing shapes, letters, and numbers to improve their fine motor skills. This classroom has more learning and play centers, including a large play kitchen, blocks, bathrooms, tables for group activities, sensory tables, and much more. Our goal at this stage is for your child to increase their self-confidence and have fun while preparing at their own pace to go into the Kindergarten Readiness program.


Kindergarten Readiness (4-5 years)

Becoming equipped for kindergarten is the focus of this class. Throughout the year your child will be introduced to phonics, phonics blends, and simple sight words. The children will continue to work on calendar, weather, songs, and more. Language, science, reading, art, music and gross and fine motor skills are taught by utilizing formal and informal methods.

By the end of the year your child should have the self-confidence to begin reading, recognize all the letters and sounds, colors, shapes, and numbers 0-50. They should be able to follow 3-step directions, recite their address, birth date, and phone number. While learning all of these things they get more comfortable with the learning pace and structured setting that will be similar to the kindergarten atmosphere.