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6 weeks-12 months

While no one can replace a child's parents, our goal is to establish a trusting bond with your little one. The basis of trust is the building block for all future healthy relationships.

Thrive Childcare supports bonding with your infant and therefore has an open door policy. We not only welcome, but encourage you to stop by whenever you may have a free moment and check in on your child. There are also phone extensions in all of our classrooms that allow you to be in direct communication with your child’s caregiver.

Our teacher to infant ratio is 1:4. The rooms are stocked with an array of fun and stimulating toys to engage and entertain your infant. Each infant classroom has a crib room separated by a half door and glass with sound machines to create a peaceful environment for sleeping.

Our infant teachers are great at nurturing the babies and preparing them at an individual pace to move up into the next room. While the teachers create daily activities for your child, your child’s personal schedule will be followed. The infants eat, sleep, and play based on the schedule the parents provide to ensure consistency between home and school.

12-18 months

Thrive Childcare separates the infant rooms beginning at 12 months to give the mobile children a room with more age appropriate toys, space, and learning activities. Teachers begin using sign language for simple things like “more” and “all done”, as well as reading books daily, talking about shapes, colors, numbers, creating art projects, and much more. They will sit in small chairs at a table, learn to say please and thank you, and pray together before their meals.

The older infants will transition to a more structured schedule that the entire class follows. They will begin going to the indoor playroom and to their own outside playground that is located outside the classroom. In this room, the children complete the transition from bottles to sippy cups, baby food to table food, multiple naps to one long nap, and from sleeping in cribs to sleeping on cots. This gives them time to adjust to all of the new ideas and schedules before entering the toddler rooms.

The teachers in all of our rooms and age groups are in constant communication about each child’s progress and getting them prepared for the schedule and practices of the following room.